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With the ease of technology today and the advent of inexpensive cameras, camera phones and  free downloads for video editing software, there are those that are creating their own content and uploading it to many of the video sharing sites with ease.

This is great for the amateur video enthusiast or hobbyist that likes to produce video in their spare time,however if you run  a business you want to maintain a high level of expertise, therefore when making a hiring decision for your companies media efforts you need to hire a professional video production company.

Video production just like any profession  takes many years to perfect and requires advanced education. Many of these amateur videos online are a mess where the camera is shaky, out of focus shots are the norm, the videos are not lit properly and in allot of cases the audio is not clear. When a business owner hires an individual just because his price is cheap or he has some of the latest high definition equipment doesn’t mean they have the experience to produce professional video production. Anyone can point a camera and anyone can profess to know how to edit,however it is much more than this.

A professional video production company has professional writers,cameraman and other technicians that have had the training and experience producing program for national television companies and private companies around the country. Professional video production companies, also understand the businesses marketing objectives, of the companies they serve  and have prior knowledge and experience of creating corporate professional video presentations.

Absolutely true story of one of our clients that wanted to save some money. He decided to approach a student at a media school to produce a professional video for his website and to sell the videos online to his customers. The student promised that he would make the video even better than we had made for the client and our client was convinced, that he would still get a good product and save a heck allot of dough. He booked an editing session with us after the  shoot to edit the  video the student produced. Once we both evaluated the video, he decided that the video had to be re shot properly and professionally. What went wrong, the student didn’t use the correct lighting, there where huge shadows and I mean huge like 13-18  foot shadows on the wall, the student didn’t use proper audio gear,  the sound had huge ech0s obviously he used the camera microphone and not a directional microphone like a lavalier or used a sound technician and it took the student double the amount of time to shoot. It doesn’t necessarily mean just because you own a hd camera and have a professional editing system that you can produce professional video results. Our client basically lost 12 hours of his time and the pure frustration of his project not turning out because of his idea that anyone can turn on a camera and make a professional video. This story is not to put down students, there are plenty of students out there, but many of them want to learn and usually don’t claim that they can do a better job than an established production company. To our clients and future clients please do your research beforehand and don’t believe that anyone with a camera can pull off a professional production just because they say they can do it cheaper. These statements still hold water today and everyday of a buyers mantra when hiring a service provider  , Let the buyer beware and you get what you pay for.,very true in this case.


Video Production is a profession just like being a doctor or dentist or an airplane pilot. When you want to fly you don’t go rent the airplane yourself, you let a professional fly the plane. I think you get my point here, when you want something done right hire a professional video production company. Don’t be put off by pricing, you will be surprised about what a professional video production can offer.

See our page on High Definition Video Production for hiring a professional production company with the right equipment.

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