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Denver Drone Operator in Denver,Colorado

Denver Drone Operator

Denver Drone Operator

Denver Drone Production in Denver,Colorado

Denver Drone Operator produced by VS Video Productions in Denver

Denver Drone Operators

Drones have become very popular the last couple of years.When drones first came out they were priced at $10,000 and up.Today you can buy a professional drone for $600 or so.That doesn’t mean you will be a pro at it.It takes allot of practice and if you are using it for video production,you do need a knowledge of video production techniques.Thats where we come in we are a highly experienced company,that constantly updates our equipment and our skills.

Drones provide a video production  a real creative and majestic look that years ago cost tens of thousands per day as your only option was a real helicopter or airplane.I am so confident with using our drone I could even use it inside.


Denver Drone Pilot

Denver Drone Pilots and drone operators around the country got some bad press when drone  operators didn’t follow some common sense rules like not flying it near airports,schools,large crowds etc.

Now there is a licensing requirement for all Drone owners .Basically they want people to be educated when operating a drone.Flying a drone in city parks or federal land might be illegal and allowed only in certain areas.Check their rules before going out there.

Our experience with operating a Drone combines with our experience as film makers.Our shots are smooth and provide our clients with a fantastic view of their properties or their products.We basically serve all types of clients in real estate,law,corporate,farming,product shots,vehicle moving shots and much more.Drone operation requires skill and knowledge of the film and video industry and you can count on us.

As stated previously costs have come down allot in the past few years so please contact us for a direct quote:

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Drone Operator Denver,Colorado

Video rights taping Police

Filming Law Enforcement

Filming Law Enforcement

 Video rights taping Police




Filming  a Law Enforcement-I always thought that if I’m on a shoot and something happens what I would do.My natural instinct would be to pan my camera over and shoot what’s going on. As U.S. citizens we have the right to video tape law enforcement actions as long as it’s in plain view.If you interfere in what’s going on with the cops,you no longer have the right to video tape. The cops also cannot confiscate your media without a search warrant.

I remember video taping the killer that shot all those people in the Aurora theatre.I was assigned to cover his apartment and shoot B-roll.Even though I was behind the yellow line I did feel eyes of law enforcement on me at all times,watching me as if I would not obey their rules and try to walk over and get a better view.But I am not an idiot it’s not worth it.I’d rather be on their side than against it.If they told me to move I would.What I am saying is know your rights but use logic when your’e in the public and shooting law enforcement.


These are important rights if you are in the video production business. I have listed a great resource for those of us that record videos or take photos for a living.


Visit our website for Video Production in Denver: 

Filming regulations in Colorado

Video Taping in Colorado

Video Taping in Colorado

Filming regulations in Colorado





Video Taping in Colorado in Federal or state parks can earn you a fine.

We were filming a commercial spot on boating at Chatfield reservoir and It was just a one camera shoot.I never thought about getting a permit,not because I didn’t want to pay for it but never thought I would get stopped for filming in a state park.Well I was stopped and the officer educated me on shooting video for commercial use in state parks.

I found this great resource for all of us that do professional videography or photography in state parks.

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VIdeo Production Studio

Video Technology

Video Technology

VS Video Productions

VS Video Productions produces effective professional videos for Businesses











In the past couple of weeks you may have noticed Apple has come out with their new IPhone 6 and the wrist watch and Samsung has improved their video technology,by adding image stabilization. All these things are good for the consumer,but if you are a business you still want to hire a professional. You may ask why,I have the latest technology I can do it myself.Technology doesn’t make you a professional. There are techniques and skills in creating a  professional video.The professional video company starts with a script that tells a compelling story about the company.We use professional lighting,that adds vitality to the scene.We know how to make the video look even better with camera cranes that add creativity to the video presentation. We also have the experience on directing the talent,knowing which camera angles work and how to create flow in the production.

We also add professional graphics,other  video pieces that support what is being conveyed in the presentation.We know about how to achieve the best results from our cameras,by manually adjusting iris control and other controls on the camera,that will enhance the image.

Other items include using a green screen,so you can add video or pictures behind the talent We can also offer multiple cameras in a studio or with a mobile production truck.

So yes technology can help you create good personal videos,but if you are a business,hiring a professional company can add so much more and will make your videos professional,thus maintaining your companies good reputation.

.Visit our website for more information:




Safety Training Videos Denver

Safety Training Videos-Denver,Colorado

Safety Training Videos Denver








Safety Training Videos

Safety training to many companies is taken very seriously and it should,but are your workers getting the message correctly using your current methods. Safety training provides compliance with OSHA requirements and protects the company from possible legal actions.

Many companies usually  have one of their managers or someone from human resources do a presentation and hand out a bunch of documents and hope that the employees will retain all the information. A visual presentation is a more effective way of presenting this information,which can be used in conjunction with written materials.

What if you had a compelling instructional video that explained all your companies safety requirements in a short video presentation.

The safety video can be inserted on your companies website,or can be put on a DVD or a flash drive.The safety video can be used in a variety of ways,for compliance,OSHA requirements,for legal liability,saving countless hours of classroom time and your managers time.

Safety training videos  can also be used for new employees or contractors.There are many positive uses for your company to include a training video as part of your educational materials.

Our company has produced many of these videos for all types of companies, very large companies  medium and small sized businesses throughout the United States.
We can help your company create an effective,polished,educational video presentation. Contact us today for more information.


Take a look at some of our clients:

Denver Videographer-Preparing For A Video Shoot

Denver Videographer

Denver Videographer-VS VideoProductions









Denver Videographer:We prepared some tips on how to prepare for your next companies video presentation, that can help you convey your companies mission and goals to your customers and employees. Before contacting a professional video production company, make sure you have a vision of how you want the video to look and the message you want people to remember. Don’t give us huge amount of numbers, be brief on the numbers.,instead think of a story you would like to tell to your customers or employees, use examples of an employee going above and beyond to get the job done.

If it’s targeted to your customers it is highly suggested to use customer testimonials. Too many times companies pat themselves on the back, let your customers toot your horn it gives your company that extra sense of credibility. Make the viewer want to watch more, audiences love emotion, entice them to listen to your message with a compelling story. If you can pull it off use humor as well in the story that will also captivate your audience. Once you have an outline of how you want to tell your story, then it’s time to hire a professional producer to pull it all together. The producer and with the scriptwriter will come up with a concise story about your organization and create a riveting story that will capture the audience.

After deciding on the story ideas the producer with your companies input will set out a vision of the project, how do we want it to look ie: do we want to shoot in a studio or do we want to shoot it at the companies headquarters. The producer and director will also meet with the Director of Photography to discuss the shot selection and any location ideas.Once these creative details are ironed out, it’s time for the actual video shoot. For company representatives that will be in the video, try not to get nervous, be yourself you know the company best and can tell us what are the best benefits of your company. The producer and director will make sure that they have all the shots needed for the editing process before leaving. Our videographer and video crew will set up lighting and audio for the video and will make sure everything is ready and set for the shoot.After the production the process of putting it together takes place. In the editing suite you will see it all coming together that’s because of the careful preparation that took place and the vision you first started out with., is now developing into a polished corporate video that your employees and customers will be proud of.
We have been helping corporate & Business clients with their corporate and marketing campaigns for 20 years. Find out how we can help your company convey your message to your clients and employees with a professional,effective video presentation.

For more information visit our website at:

Denver Cameraman and Videographer- VS Video Productions

Denver Cameraman- VS Video Productions

VS Video Productions Dnver-Denver Cameraman on a shoot in Denver.


Denver Cameraman

Denver Cameraman-Headquartered in Denver,Colorado,VS Video Productions, a professional high definition video production company, recently produced a fund raising video production for Cheyenne Medical Hospital. The video focused on the new technologies the hospital offers patients from all over the state and also featured a new Cancer center that is being built for local patients. VS Video teamed up with former news anchor Lauri Farkas who produced, wrote the script and produced the voice over. Visit our demo page to see the story. VS Video Productions provides a wide variety of professional high definition cameras including the Panasonic HPX-370.We also offer DSLR cameras,SonyEA 50U High Definition camera,Go Pro camera,sliders,camera jib, soft boxes,LED lighting. Our video crew travel all over the state,regionally and nationwide. For more information contact us today.



Denver Cameraman

Medical Video fundraiser produced by VS Video Productions for Cheyenne Medical Center










Video Marketing – Medical Video Production from VS Video Productions on Vimeo.

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